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Alberta announces quota for it’s immigration streams

The province of Alberta in Canada has launched two nominee provincial programs. One immigration Canada permanent resident scheme has been launched with the effect of bringing Alberta’s PNP with the Express Entry program. This will help candidates apply for this kind of immigration throughout the year. Apart from this Express Entry stream, Alberta has brought forth one more immigration stream.

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The new Alberta Opportunity stream:Who is eligible?

This other PR visa Canada stream is the Alberta Opportunity Stream which allows immigration to those who have been a part of this province. So, anyone who is employed in this province is eligible to get selected as per this stream. As per the Alberta Opportunity Stream, candidates are likely to get the provincial nomination certificate even without any kind of employer backing them up. The candidates must, however, be living in this province with a work permit at the time they apply for this PR.

The candidates if their occupation allows them to be exempt from having an LMIA are also valid but should have a work permit. Since you are holding a work permit in Alberta, you must have worked for 30 hours for the same employer.

Those candidates who have graduated from Alberta and are working here as per the post-graduation work permit are also eligible to apply for PR as per the Alberta Opportunity Stream. However, the candidates should have taken their education from Alberta for this purpose. This kind of education is only recognized once you been issued a certificate by an Alberta public or private post-secondary organization approved in Alberta for Advanced Education.

The candidate must have a   lot of work experience to be selected for the Alberta Opportunity Stream. This experience should be nothing less than 1 year. However, if your work experience is not in Alberta, and is from Canada, it should not be less than 2 years.

However, if you have done some post-secondary course from this province, the requirement of work experience for the PR visa Canada is less at 6 months. Apart from that, the employer in Canada should also be registered with the parliament of Canada or a provincial authority.

The candidate upon getting selected through the Express Entry program for this province gets a letter of notification of interest from the authority of AINP. The candidate will then apply to the AINP with this letter. This is how you can get the provincial nomination certificate from AINP. So there are so many ways to become immigration Canada permanent resident and applying to the Alberta opportunity stream  is one of them.

Coming back to the Express Entry linked immigration stream,  Alberta will allow 5,600 applicants to get the provincial nomination certificate this year. This is its quota for the Express Entry linked immigration stream. Out of this figure, 2,277 immigration certificates have been released so far.

As far as the selection criteria for Express Entry immigration stream is concerned, they have been stated by AINP as “Candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta and who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities will be invited to apply.”

Worldwide Updates

High rush for the EB5 visa till the investment limits are finally declared

A stampede is going to be caused for the US Eb5 visa ever since the change in the investment amounts has been announced. These changes are going to be implemented 30 days after the announcement. So, the candidates have 30 days to still invest the old investment amounts to get the EB5 visa.

There is going to be a huge rush for the EB5 visas till the time the new investment amounts are implemented. Although higher investment amounts have been announced, there could be a reduction in the actual amounts. Further changes in this visa will be announced in September. Since the changes about the EB5 visa are likely to be announced soon, its high time that you apply for this visa. Getting an EB5 visa has the following advantages:

A permanent residency visa waits for you after 2 years on getting conditional permanent residency through this visa. The investment of 5,00,000 dollars only needs to be made for 5 years. 

The requirements for this much investment are sustaining 10 jobs for two years. 10,000 EB5 visas are given every year to citizens of different countries and apart from that 3,000 visas are given for investment in regional centers. It takes 4 months for a region to be declared a regional center. Anyone who wants an area to be declared as a regional center must provide the proposal including the following considerations:

How economic growth will be attained in an area by the regional center.

The business plan to be followed by the regional center bearing in mind the costs of the projects,

the situation of the market.

How the production of jobs will happen through the regional center

The capital which is going to be involved in the project involving the regional center and all the marketing efforts designed for the center.

Who decides the designation of a regional center?

USCIS decides the designation of a regional center, whether its to be selected or not.

How many jobs need to be created?

10 jobs should be produced and sustained for someone to get PR of the US after 2 years of making an EB5 investment.

Anyone who is investing in a regional center is supposed to generate direct jobs. However, someone who is investing 1 million dollars in a new enterprise needs to create indirect jobs. The distinction between the direct and indirect jobs is that former refer to those jobs that are a part of the enterprise in which an investor has invested his money. On the other hand, indirect jobs are all the jobs created in the regional center as a result of capital investment in a regional center. So, someone who has invested 1 million in a new enterprise is supposed to produce direct jobs whereas someone who has invested in a regional center can get credit for any indirect jobs also. 

Its also better to get proper advice before investing in a regional center. A visa aspirant should get consent for him to be an alien entrepreneur in the US. Then he needs to put up a form for modification in his immigration status from to a Lawful permanent resident in the US.

Worldwide Updates

British Columbia issued 42 invites through its Tech PilotPNP program

British Columbia has invited 42 candidates for the Tech Pilot PNP program. This program gets candidates who have experience in 29 specific profiles to the province. The technical employers of this province get a  lot of advantages through this program because they can hire the labor they were looking for. Apart from experience, the visa aspirants must have been selected for employment in this province and apart from that, the time of this employment must be 1 year. This is how you can get selected for immigration to this province. The candidate can get selected as per the Express Entry and the Skills Immigration streams of British Columbia. The visa aspirants’ profiles are picked through these streams. You are first required to register yourself.  You get a score as per the British Columbia Points system. Once the candidate gets the registration score, he gets into the pool of applicants. After that, he can be selected from this pool as per his score. In this draw which happened on July 2nd, the score of the candidates was nothing short of 90.

The candidates were selected from the different pools of Express Entry: Skilled worker and Express Entry: International Graduate and Skills Immigration: International graduate and Skills Immigration: Skilled Worker categories. For all these 4 categories, a job offer must be for an extended duration.

Express Entry: Skilled Worker

As per this category, the visa aspirant must put an application for immigration through Express Entry. Apart from that, he should have experience of 2 years in the relevant profile apart from the job offer. Language tests are required based on the category of the job. For example, if your job is in categories C, B or D, you need a language test whereas no such test is needed for jobs categories 0 or A. the requirements are the same for the Skills Immigration: Skilled Worker stream. Both these categories require a candidate to have a language score of CLB 4 in IELTS if the occupation for which he has applied is of the types B, D or C.

Express Entry: International Graduate

This category of Express Entry stream chooses those who have got an international degree from Canada in the previous three years. This is quite an important requirement for this stream. A program from a public post-secondary institution has only been allowed for this immigration program. A private program is not allowed.

Educational credential assessment is also required as a part of these application procedures.

Advantages of living in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most advanced provinces in Canada. British Columbia is a large province but the population is low. It has an area equivalent to the combined areas of Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Vancouver is the most populated city of this province with a population of 2.5 million.

It is better to apply sooner for this province because a lot of immigrants come here every year. Every year, 40,000 immigrants come here to settle.

Worldwide Updates

Manitoba issued invites for its 3 PNP programs and Express Entry candidates

Manitoba issued invites for its provincial nominee programs which are Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas and International Education.  A total of 354 invites were sent for these programs. Out of these  91 candidates were selected through the Express Entry.

Skilled workers in Manitoba issues invites to those who have been working in Manitoba. They are supposed to provide an application and once they are shortlisted, they can apply for the Manitoba provincial nominee program. You need to be cautious while putting up an Expression of Interest because any wrong information can ensure that you can be suspended from doing so again for 2 years.

The same holds for the Skilled Worker Overseas and International Graduate applications which are the two other MPNP programs. A candidate needs to get CLB4 to show his first language proficiency. Candidates who are older than 49 can’t be invited. It’s important to have at least 1 year of work experience to get selected. A trade certificate is needed to get selected, otherwise, the maximum level of education is a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree. So, candidates who were selected for these categories had to score on the points grid of the Manitoba provincial nominee program.

The Manitoba provincial nominee program will grant you points based on your experience in Manitoba. Anyone applying to the Skilled worker overseas MPNPs can get 100 points for 6 months experience in this province.

Under the International Education class, anyone with a post-secondary degree from Manitoba gets 50 points whereas anyone with 2 years post-graduation education from Manitoba gets 100 points.

A candidate gets a maximum of 1000 points on the Manitoba provincial nominee program grid.  He can, however, lose points if he has a connection to a province other than Manitoba. By this connection, it is implied that he has work experience in a province other than Manitoba or has pursued education from another province.

Candidates who were shortlisted in this draw for a skilled worker in Manitoba were chosen with scores of 565 and skilled workers overseas with scores of 594 and those hired through strategic recruitment initiatives with scores of 619. The strategic recruitment initiative selects candidates through interviews abroad. Companies of Manitoba go abroad to seek candidates in such overseas recruitment drives.

To candidates in all these streams, Manitoba provided Letters Of Advice to Apply after selection. Manitoba also picks up candidates through the Express Entry pool and 91 candidates were selected. Those candidates had been selected as per the distinct programs of Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class.

Why live in Manitoba?

Winnipeg, capital of Manitoba is one of the best cities to live in Canada. It has a low population of 7,50,000. It is so easy to live here as the prices of accommodation are lower as compared to other cities in Canada. Since it’s a cheaper city, Winnipeg is one of the most chosen options by immigrants. All the costs are lower in Winnipeg. In this city, you can meet your costs if you earn 75,000 CAD a year which is not possible in cities such as Toronto.