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British Columbia issued 42 invites through its Tech PilotPNP program

British Columbia has invited 42 candidates for the Tech Pilot PNP program. This program gets candidates who have experience in 29 specific profiles to the province. The technical employers of this province get a  lot of advantages through this program because they can hire the labor they were looking for. Apart from experience, the visa aspirants must have been selected for employment in this province and apart from that, the time of this employment must be 1 year. This is how you can get selected for immigration to this province. The candidate can get selected as per the Express Entry and the Skills Immigration streams of British Columbia. The visa aspirants’ profiles are picked through these streams. You are first required to register yourself.  You get a score as per the British Columbia Points system. Once the candidate gets the registration score, he gets into the pool of applicants. After that, he can be selected from this pool as per his score. In this draw which happened on July 2nd, the score of the candidates was nothing short of 90.

The candidates were selected from the different pools of Express Entry: Skilled worker and Express Entry: International Graduate and Skills Immigration: International graduate and Skills Immigration: Skilled Worker categories. For all these 4 categories, a job offer must be for an extended duration.

Express Entry: Skilled Worker

As per this category, the visa aspirant must put an application for immigration through Express Entry. Apart from that, he should have experience of 2 years in the relevant profile apart from the job offer. Language tests are required based on the category of the job. For example, if your job is in categories C, B or D, you need a language test whereas no such test is needed for jobs categories 0 or A. the requirements are the same for the Skills Immigration: Skilled Worker stream. Both these categories require a candidate to have a language score of CLB 4 in IELTS if the occupation for which he has applied is of the types B, D or C.

Express Entry: International Graduate

This category of Express Entry stream chooses those who have got an international degree from Canada in the previous three years. This is quite an important requirement for this stream. A program from a public post-secondary institution has only been allowed for this immigration program. A private program is not allowed.

Educational credential assessment is also required as a part of these application procedures.

Advantages of living in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most advanced provinces in Canada. British Columbia is a large province but the population is low. It has an area equivalent to the combined areas of Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Vancouver is the most populated city of this province with a population of 2.5 million.

It is better to apply sooner for this province because a lot of immigrants come here every year. Every year, 40,000 immigrants come here to settle.

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