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High rush for the EB5 visa till the investment limits are finally declared

A stampede is going to be caused for the US Eb5 visa ever since the change in the investment amounts has been announced. These changes are going to be implemented 30 days after the announcement. So, the candidates have 30 days to still invest the old investment amounts to get the EB5 visa.

There is going to be a huge rush for the EB5 visas till the time the new investment amounts are implemented. Although higher investment amounts have been announced, there could be a reduction in the actual amounts. Further changes in this visa will be announced in September. Since the changes about the EB5 visa are likely to be announced soon, its high time that you apply for this visa. Getting an EB5 visa has the following advantages:

A permanent residency visa waits for you after 2 years on getting conditional permanent residency through this visa. The investment of 5,00,000 dollars only needs to be made for 5 years. 

The requirements for this much investment are sustaining 10 jobs for two years. 10,000 EB5 visas are given every year to citizens of different countries and apart from that 3,000 visas are given for investment in regional centers. It takes 4 months for a region to be declared a regional center. Anyone who wants an area to be declared as a regional center must provide the proposal including the following considerations:

How economic growth will be attained in an area by the regional center.

The business plan to be followed by the regional center bearing in mind the costs of the projects,

the situation of the market.

How the production of jobs will happen through the regional center

The capital which is going to be involved in the project involving the regional center and all the marketing efforts designed for the center.

Who decides the designation of a regional center?

USCIS decides the designation of a regional center, whether its to be selected or not.

How many jobs need to be created?

10 jobs should be produced and sustained for someone to get PR of the US after 2 years of making an EB5 investment.

Anyone who is investing in a regional center is supposed to generate direct jobs. However, someone who is investing 1 million dollars in a new enterprise needs to create indirect jobs. The distinction between the direct and indirect jobs is that former refer to those jobs that are a part of the enterprise in which an investor has invested his money. On the other hand, indirect jobs are all the jobs created in the regional center as a result of capital investment in a regional center. So, someone who has invested 1 million in a new enterprise is supposed to produce direct jobs whereas someone who has invested in a regional center can get credit for any indirect jobs also. 

Its also better to get proper advice before investing in a regional center. A visa aspirant should get consent for him to be an alien entrepreneur in the US. Then he needs to put up a form for modification in his immigration status from to a Lawful permanent resident in the US.

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