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Manitoba issued invites for its 3 PNP programs and Express Entry candidates

Manitoba issued invites for its provincial nominee programs which are Skilled Worker in Manitoba, Skilled Worker Overseas and International Education.  A total of 354 invites were sent for these programs. Out of these  91 candidates were selected through the Express Entry.

Skilled workers in Manitoba issues invites to those who have been working in Manitoba. They are supposed to provide an application and once they are shortlisted, they can apply for the Manitoba provincial nominee program. You need to be cautious while putting up an Expression of Interest because any wrong information can ensure that you can be suspended from doing so again for 2 years.

The same holds for the Skilled Worker Overseas and International Graduate applications which are the two other MPNP programs. A candidate needs to get CLB4 to show his first language proficiency. Candidates who are older than 49 can’t be invited. It’s important to have at least 1 year of work experience to get selected. A trade certificate is needed to get selected, otherwise, the maximum level of education is a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree. So, candidates who were selected for these categories had to score on the points grid of the Manitoba provincial nominee program.

The Manitoba provincial nominee program will grant you points based on your experience in Manitoba. Anyone applying to the Skilled worker overseas MPNPs can get 100 points for 6 months experience in this province.

Under the International Education class, anyone with a post-secondary degree from Manitoba gets 50 points whereas anyone with 2 years post-graduation education from Manitoba gets 100 points.

A candidate gets a maximum of 1000 points on the Manitoba provincial nominee program grid.  He can, however, lose points if he has a connection to a province other than Manitoba. By this connection, it is implied that he has work experience in a province other than Manitoba or has pursued education from another province.

Candidates who were shortlisted in this draw for a skilled worker in Manitoba were chosen with scores of 565 and skilled workers overseas with scores of 594 and those hired through strategic recruitment initiatives with scores of 619. The strategic recruitment initiative selects candidates through interviews abroad. Companies of Manitoba go abroad to seek candidates in such overseas recruitment drives.

To candidates in all these streams, Manitoba provided Letters Of Advice to Apply after selection. Manitoba also picks up candidates through the Express Entry pool and 91 candidates were selected. Those candidates had been selected as per the distinct programs of Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class.

Why live in Manitoba?

Winnipeg, capital of Manitoba is one of the best cities to live in Canada. It has a low population of 7,50,000. It is so easy to live here as the prices of accommodation are lower as compared to other cities in Canada. Since it’s a cheaper city, Winnipeg is one of the most chosen options by immigrants. All the costs are lower in Winnipeg. In this city, you can meet your costs if you earn 75,000 CAD a year which is not possible in cities such as Toronto.

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